Android 22 With Sense For Desire


We have all heard many rumours and speculations as to the date HTC will update the Desire with Android 2.2 with sense. There are many ports of Android 2.2 available but they’re the vanilla versions and a lot of people can’t seem to live without HTC’s Sense UI. Well, I have some good news if your one of those people.

Seeing something usually means believing it as well, and if the video below is real then it looks like Android 2.2 has gotten the official HTC Sense UI in a version of the OS that has been ported to the HTC Desire. Obviously a lot of people will question the validity of the video, but it appears to be a pre-release build of Froyo for an upcoming HTC device.

Along with getting 2.2 with Sense up and running on the Desire, the XDA-Developers forum member UDK has also been able to allow 720p video recording in the process. I can’t wait to try out this port when it’s out, as I doubt HTC will provide us with anything official any time soon. Check out the video below of the 720p video sample from the Desire. It’s a bit choppy but it ain’t too bad.

Let us know what you think below.

UPDATE: The user “udK” has uploaded the neccessary files required, so if you want Froyo with Sense, head on over to the XDA-Forum now.

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