Android 40 With Touchwiz Available For Galaxy SII S2


A leaked build of Android 4.0 (ICS) for the Samsung Galaxy SII has been found, and is available for download at Sam Mobile. This version is dated as December 7th and as expected features Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface.

A lot of things are currently not working, but generally, it gives you an idea of what to expect from Samsung’s ICS update. Keep reading to see a video of ICS running on the Samsung Galaxy SII.

If you watch the video below, you’ll notice that the ICS update doesn’t look very different, and that’s obviously because it has been customised with Touchwiz. It looks much like what we’ve already seen on the SII but the differences are obvious when you’re in the settings page.

For those of you who were hoping for less Touchwiz, well, I’m sure you’re not too happy, but you’ll have to live with it. As for those who don’t care, you’ll be pleased to know that the update will obviously bring with it many new features from ICS such as Face unlock and so on.

If you want to download the ROM and give it a try, go ahead and click on this link, but be warned, you are responsible for what happens to your device and no one else.

Let us know what you think.

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