Android Market Changes


It has come to light over the past couple of days there will be some changes to the Google Market. These appear to be the main ones –

There are a few very interesting points to take from this coming update, from small things such as they are going back to one page per app (no tabs). This is how it used to be on Android… erm, 2.1? They brought tabs in for ‘Comments’ and now ‘Related’ but not for long if they’re going back to all on one page now. Make your minds up!

New categories for Widgets and Wallpapers is interesting too. My understanding is this wont remove these apps from their normal categories, but you can go to widgets to see all the apps that have widget support.

The biggest change for me, is the fact they are shortening the refund window from 24 hours to only 15 minutes. One of the reasons I was quite comfortable with paying for an app was because I knew I had a whole 24 hours to decide if I might make use of the app. It meant I’ve made quite a few impulse buys, many of which have stayed. Now, I will be far more cautious before hitting ‘Buy’.

I’d be much more interested if they introduce PayPal as a payment method, search criteria such as apps with 4 stars and above, 10 ratings or more, released within the last week and things like that.

Anyway, just be aware, you will soon have 15 minutes to decide if the app is worth it or not!

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