Android Surpasses Apple OS in the US


According to Marketing Research company NPD, Android has moved into second place behind RIM (Blackberry) in the US. Android now holds 28% of the market, some way behind RIM who has 36% but quite a way ahead of Apple who has fallen to 21%.

Stateside there seems to be a bigger gap between providers and Apple’s big problem would seem to be they are tied to AT&T, who many users can’t wait to leave, given a suitable option. The Droid was the first to give them this (known as the Milestone over here) with many people leaving the iPhone for this. Some took the Nexus One, but was we know sales really didn’t take off with this device, but now the Evo and Incredible are luring even more iPhoner’s away from their beloved Apple devices.

In the UK there isn’t such a gap. The main providers are on more of an even keel, many people would even argue who was better, with no one provider standing out. This means it is much more open and people are generally left to choose what device they want, rather than what carrier they want to be on. Having said that, in the last two week’s Android devices seem to have exploded onto the scene, mainly lead by the Desire, with stores selling out very quickly, even the Nexus One launching on Vodaphone has had considerable demand causing them to sell out before release day even arrives.

It will be very interesting to see the UK figures in a month or two, once these Android sales start showing up in usage statistics. Watch this space!

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