Bad News For X10 Users Android 21 To Be Delayed


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Here I and many others were thinking, yes, finally the Sony Ericsson will get Android 2.1 by the end of September. So many of you may have been counting down patiently, unfortunately you may now have to reset that countdown clock because according to Sony Ericcsson you wont be seeing Eclair end of this month after all.

According to the Sony Ericsson Product Blog:

“The plan for the added features and Android 2.1 step-up still holds but unfortunately we need a couple of more weeks before we are ready to start the roll-out.”

Basically they still haven’t finished with the Eclair update, and there seems to be some work still left to be done, but they do go on to say:

“The revised plan is to start the roll-out from end of October and onwards.”

This news is probably going to break many hearts and anger a lot of people, here I was thinking, the X10 line of phones would finally come out their stone age shells and join the more modern line of phones.

Android 2.1 is nearly reaching its first anniversary, and there are devices like the HTC Desire that have already been updated to Android 2.2 so even though this update will bring with it new features, by the time it hits your handset it will already be ancient.

There is also the possibility that you might not even get the update at end of October:

“I’d also like to highlight that the update will be made available in a phased roll-out which means that different “kits” get the update at different times. It will take some additional weeks from end of October before all different kits have the new software available.”

Are you an X10 user? How does this make you feel and will you be sticking with Sony Ericsson in the future for another Android handset? Let us know.

Via: Engadget

Source: Sony Ericsson Product Blog

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