Build Your Own Phone


Dell have built themselves quite a decent business from selling computers. One thing they offer, which people like, is the ability to upgrade and add features and hardware to your order so the price and specs suit you as an individual.

Well now a German company called Synapse are doing just that with Android mobile phones!

You start with a base level phone, 2.2 Android, 1ghz CPU, 4″ 800×480 SLCD Screen, Bluetooth, GPS for €299 (£262) but then you get to choose everything else yourself!

Options include –

  • WiFi speed
  • Camera resolution (up to 12megapixels for only €40)
  • Flash (LED or Xenon)
  • Front Facing Camera
  • TV Out
  • Built in storage (up to 32gig for only €40)
  • RAM
  • Battery size
  • Colour
  • Physical or Capacative buttons

This just seems an amazing idea to me. So often you like a feature from one phone and wish you could add it to another phone… well now you can have it exactly how you like!

For me, I would have pretty much everything at top level and the phone would still only cost me £460.

What I like is that, hopefully, as new technology becomes available, they simply add an extra option on the order form and they build it into your new phone.

Unfortunately they aren’t due to be out until February next year. Maybe by then a dual core CPU will be an option too?

Take a look for yourself –

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