Clair for Xperia X10 expected in November for France and Brazil


Following on from the Bad News for X10 Users we heard previously, we may have to bring you some more bad news. Sony Ericsson France and Brazil have announced that it may be as late as the end of November before X10 owners receive the anticipated but outdated Éclair (Android 2.1) update. Although Sony Ericsson UK haven’t made a public announcement about the outrage of the UK X10 owners, it would be safe to assume that it may be November before we see an update here in the UK also.

We already know what the main content of the Éclair update will include, but SE France say there will be about 100 improvements over the current Android 1.6. Some of the key improvements are:

720p video recording with continuous autofocus

30% increase in the battery life mainly due to running Android 2.1

Better phonebook with Facebook/Twitter contact autosync and contact pictures, this will make it easier to send emails/sms/calls to from one place

5 home screens with 20 icons per home screen

Live wallpapers

Lock screen will have a battery indicator on it

Support for HTML5 in the browser

Bluetooth 2.1

One of the most important features anticipated by many X10 owners will be left out of the coming update; 16M colours. This is truly disappointing! The 4inch screen does have one the highest resolutions (854×480) on any handset, but 16M colours would have made it look crisp.

Another point made by SE France was that they are still looking into the possibility of Froyo (Android 2.2), which depend on whether it will have a real improvement on the handset or makes it glitchy and buggy. Lets hope that the hardware can handle Android 2.2 and integration of Flash will come to our handsets soon. Who has a Xperia X10? how do you feel about this? Let us know in the comments below.

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