Clingo Universal Vent Mount


I’m close to moving on to my 5th device this year if I decide to stick with the Nexus S. Each time I swap, I buy a Brodit car holder, which is usually £30-£40 for one with a charging point which means it gets pretty expensive swapping all the time. Having recently reviewed the Clingo Desk stand and being reasonably impressed by it, I thought I’d try the Clingo Universal Vent Mount.

The Clingo works by having a sticky substance (the green bit) that any device will stick to. It doesn’t leave any substance on the device itself, I assume working in the same way as sticky receiver gloves I have used in American Football. Simply wiping with a clean cloth should restore to original stickiness, should it be needed.

Have a look at my video tour of the product and fitting it to my own car.

It would seem to be a rather decent option, easily holding my Nexus S. I’ve yet to road test it, but it’s actually quite hard to take the Nexus S off, it sticks that well, so I don’t think it would be in danger of falling off.

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