CyanogenMod 610 Makes it to Desire HD


If you’ve never heard of CyanogenMod, then you probably shouldn’t bother reading on. If, like me, you’ve used this ROM on previous phones, it’s very interesting to hear that RaiderX303 from VillainRom has it working on the Desire HD!

The only bug reported is the proximity sensor isn’t working in calls just yet, but apparently everything else works just fine!

The prerequisites to trying this are that you have S-OFF (follow the first part of our guide) and that you have a custom recovery installed. Both can be a little fiddly and also a little risky, but once you’re done, you can flash different ROM’s, back up your entire phone (takes almost a gig of space on you MicroSD mind you!) and lots more!

One of the first things I noticed is the download file is only 100MB, compared to the MoDaCo ROM which is 230MB! I assume because this is a vanilla FroYo ROM, with none of your usual Sense goodness. If this doesn’t sound good to you, stick to what you have!

So for me, cool as it is to have CyanogenMod on my Desire HD, I’m restoring my backup of my MoDaCo ROM…

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