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デスティニーチャイルド is Role Playing Android app developed by STAIRS Corp..  This app require Android 5.0+ or above. デスティニーチャイルド has a 500,000+ download on GooglePlay Store and have 9.0 rating with 20681 number of vote. You can download デスティニーチャイルド 2.5.2 APK with com.stairs.destinychild.apk filename below. デスティニーチャイルド Latest Version Update in 2019-10-23
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デスティニーチャイルド – An Overview

Download 2.5.2 APK by STAIRS Corp.




  Live 2Dで生きているように、動きまわる様々なキャラクター。

▶ 豪華声優陣が続々参加
米内佑希、小清水亜美、飯田里穂、黒沢ともよ、KENN、たかはし智秋、石川由依、牧野由依、高垣彩陽、ふくまつ進紗、小林ゆう、水橋かおり、内田雄馬、小澤亜李、岡哲也、近藤玲奈、堀江由衣、高橋李依、悠木 碧、伊瀬 茉莉也

▶ キャラクターデザイン
▶ サウンドプロデューサー

※ Android 4.4 以上、ストレージの空き容量 1.4GB 以上

A stylish high-speed battle game featuring all the characters moving like anime!

“Collect human souls and build the strongest army”
It is the only condition that leads to the Demon King.
The battle for the Demon King began with the sudden retirement declaration of the Demon King Lucifero, who had ruled the Demon World for a long time.
The Demon King candidates who dream of the next Demon King and descend into the human world one after another.

The story of one devil and the children begins to move around the Demon King!

[Game Overview]
▼ Real-time high-speed battle that overturns the common sense of previous smartphone games!
Simple operation and various strategies!
▼ Can grow to the highest rarity of all children!
In addition to nurturing functions such as enhancement, evolution, and breakthrough, the unique [Kizuna System] is a must-see! Release the board set for each child to deepen ties and improve child status, release individual scenarios, release additional voices, and raise the Kizuna class to the upper limit to change to a new figure!

▼ Enchanting children and stories that stimulate your sensibility!
Various characters that move around as if alive in Live 2D.
And an attractive story that goes on with all characters full voice.

▶ Gorgeous voice actors participate one after another
Yoneuchi Yuki, Koshimizu Ami, Iida Riho, Kurosawa Tomomi, KENN, Takahashi Tomoaki, Ishikawa Yui, Makino Yui, Takagaki Ayayo, Fukumatsu Yuu, Kobayashi Yu, Mizuhashi Kaori, Uchida Yuma, Ozawa Ari, Oka Tetsuya, Kondo Rena, Yui Horie, Lii Takahashi, Satoshi Kashiwagi, Shinya Ise
(Cast announcement order)

▶ Character design
Kim Hyun Tae
▶ Sound producer

* Android 4.4 or higher, free storage space 1.4GB or higher
Some models may not work with the recommended version or higher.
* If you take over the data, even if the game data is lost due to an unexpected situation, you can play with the previous game data.

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■ Everyone likes ★ One child can get a “pounding! ★ 5 Share Gacha ”now available on the web!
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