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Apex Companion is Tools Android Aplication developed by Mozaa.  This app require 4.1 and up or above. Apex Companion has a 10+ download on Play Store and have rating with 2 number of vote. You can download Apex Companion 1.0.0 APK with com.mozaa.apex_companion.apk filename below. Apex Companion Latest Version Update in 2019-03-09
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Apex Companion – An Overview

Download Apex Companion 1.0.0 APK
Apex Companion is the unofficial companion application for Apex Legends that aims to help you learn and understand the game. Providing information on legends, weapons, consumables and gear. It aims to get you up to scratch in no time.

Legends – Learn about the multiple types of legends and their unique abilities. Apex Companion provides information about the lore of the characters and how they came to be as well.

Weapons – Learn about each individual weapon. Gets statistics on the damage, recoil, ammunition and other stats to help you master a particular weapon.

Equipment – Learn about the equipment in the game and how it helps you survive. Get access to specific stats that help you survive longer and give you the knowledge to utilise the equipment to its full potential.

Consumables – Learn about all the consumables in the game and how you can use them to help you survive for longer. Get access to stats which informs you of the consumption time and what a specific consumable does to help you get into the action.

News – Be the first to get the latest news on in-game items, patches and more. With a simple and easy to read layout with links to take you directly to the original source so you can join in any discussions happening.

Battle Pass – Get information on the current seasons battle pass and the items included. So you can get playing and unlocking. Good Luck!

If you have any concerns please contact me so we can rectify any issues immediately.
Apex Companion is not affiliated with Respawn Entertainment or EA and their affiliates.
– Redesigned the map page.
– Decreased the fetch rate for the battle pass.
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