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Bike Fit calculator: size my bike – An Overview

Download Bike Fit calculator size my bike 1.2 APK
??We’ve created this application for bicycle lovers, whether road or mountain, no matter. With Bike Fit Calculator: size my bike, you can get the right measures for your bike’s frame.

Defining the correct measures for the frame and adjustments of our bicycle is essential when preparing our travel companion.

By having the correct size of our bike frame, we will avoid many injuries caused by incorrect measurements, which cause bad posture, bad gestures and overexertion on the bicycle.

Entering the measures of your body, you will obtain in an easy and simple way the size that the frame of the bicycle should have.

Previously the frames of the bike were geometrically square or the average horizontal tube the same as the vertical. Luckily, this is no longer the case, biomechanical studies allow us to calculate the appropriate bicycle size for each cyclist. This determines that horizontal and vertical tubes will no longer always be the same, and the angles of the frame will also be modified. The arrival of sloping has also influenced the length and angles of the horizontal tube.

People of the same height can have different measures in parts of their body so you should not use frames with the same geometry and dimensions.

To know the ideal measurements that your bicycle frame should have, you must know your anthropometric measurements and introducing these into the application, you will immediately get all the sizes you need.

Our application provides some approximate measures but that does not mean that you should follow the letter to the letter, it is always better to perform a biomechanical study.

To be able to use the Bike Fit Calculator: size my bike, you must obtain the measurements of your body, your height, the length of your leg, the length of your arm, shoulders, trunk, …

Main characteristics:
Bike Fit calculator: size my bike

▶️ Intuitive interface.
▶️ Measures for men and women.
▶️ Measures for road or mountain bikes
▶️ Detailed image of each of the measures.
▶️ You can save as many measurements as you want.
▶️ You can share the results.
▶️ You can change between centimeters and inches.
– fix bugs
– Improved calculation performance
Bike Fit calculator: size my bike 1.2 screenshots 2Bike Fit calculator: size my bike 1.2 screenshots 3

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