Download HanHan Time-Time Management&To-Do List 3.3.0 APK by HanHan Time management


HanHan Time-Time Management&To-Do List is Productivity application developed by HanHan Time management.  This app require Android 4.4+ or above. HanHan Time-Time Management&To-Do List has a 10+ download on GooglePlay Store and have rating with number of vote. You can download HanHan Time-Time Management&To-Do List 3.3.0 APK with com.fqh.timeplan.timeplan.apk filename below. HanHan Time-Time Management&To-Do List Latest Version Update in 2019-10-08
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HanHan Time-Time Management&To-Do List – An Overview

Download HanHan Time-Time ManagementTo-Do List 3.3.0 APK by HanHan Time management
HanHan Time is a free, easy-to-use time management,and to-do list APP.

HanHan Time helps you make a daily schedule, plan your vacation schedule, manage your curriculum, and remind you to drink water, exercise, go to bed early, get up early, relax your eyes, etc. to make your life easier and healthier.

HanHan Time helps you reading timing,writing timing,running timing. It helps you focus on on doing things and develop good habits.

HanHan Time helps you count goods, counts people, counts running circles and so on. It’s your little assistant in life.

How it work:

☛ Tasks are sorted by time, completed tasks are ashed, and the daily schedule is very clear.

☛ Task deadlines will pop up a reminder that you won’t miss every task.

☛ Widget, to-do list on the mobile desktop, open the mobile phone can view the schedule.

☛ Check your schedule every day, cross out the completed tasks with green hook, and feel full of accomplishment.

☛ Simple and beautiful timer, stopwatch, let you focus on things.

☛ Click on the counter of screen counting + 1, you can count goods, record the number of people, record the number of laps running, etc.

☛ UI is is stunning,smooth,and flat.

You will benefit:

☑ Make your life easier and organized.

☑ Alleviate anxiety,don’t worry that you might be foregetting something.

☑ Enable you to focus on DOING rather than REMEMBERING.

☑ Allow you to focus on what really matters,and get rid of what doesn’t.

☑ Fuel your sense of accomplishment when you cross things off.

privacy promise:

Your privacy is very important to us.all your data is kept on your phone,we did not use the server to store your data.
1. Add calendar synchronization to system calendar function.

2. Replacing Background Pictures.

3. Repair timer and stopwatch Bug.

4. Optimize the function of viewing and deleting all the tasks.
HanHan Time-Time Management&To-Do List 3.3.0 screenshots 2

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