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HumBirdVPN-蜂鸟VPN-完全免费的科学上网助手 is Tools Android Aplication developed by FreeVPNService.  This app require Android 5.0+ or above. HumBirdVPN-蜂鸟VPN-完全免费的科学上网助手 has a 100,000+ download on Play Store and have 5.1 rating with 3755 number of vote. You can download HumBirdVPN-蜂鸟VPN-完全免费的科学上网助手 2.2 APK with filename below. HumBirdVPN-蜂鸟VPN-完全免费的科学上网助手 Latest Version Update in 2019-07-27
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HumBirdVPN-蜂鸟VPN-完全免费的科学上网助手 – An Overview

Download HumBirdVPN-VPN- 2.2 APK
***** 如何使用 *****
5) 首页帮助栏会提示一些最新消息。
6) 所有节点禁止迅雷磁力BT下载(但支持HTTP,Google Play等正常下载)。

***** 友情提示 *****


如果你在Google Play留言提问,我们只会对五星评价进行回复;
***** how to use *****
1) You need to click the big round button to open the VPN (click again to close);
2) Click the current node to select the nodes in different regions by yourself;
3) Click on the “More” page, then sign in or draw to get the gold coins, then redeem the VIP traffic to use the VIP high speed node.
4) VIP traffic has an expiration date, and redemption of new VIP traffic before failure can extend the validity period of all VIP traffic;
5) The home help bar will prompt you with some latest news.
6) All nodes are prohibited from downloading Thunderbolt BT (but support HTTP, Google Play and other normal downloads).

***** friendly reminder *****

Hummingbird VPN is a shadowsocks-based app. It is completely free at present. Normal nodes can be used immediately, but the speed is low. VIP high-speed nodes need to use gold coins to exchange VIP high-speed traffic before they can be used. You only need to sign in or draw to get gold coins for free. .

If you leave a message on Google Play, we will only respond to the five-star rating;
If you don’t want to give five stars or hope to get a reply as soon as possible, or if you encounter any problems during use, you can send us an email and we will reply.
HumBirdVPN-蜂鸟VPN-完全免费的科学上网助手 2.2 screenshots 2

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