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Nimses is Social app with 9.6 stars.  This app require Android 5.0+ or above. Nimses has a 1,000,000+ download on GooglePlay Store and have 9.6 rating with 98771 number of vote. You can download Nimses 4.0.6 APK with com.nimses.apk filename below. Nimses Latest Version Update in 2019-03-22
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Nimses – An Overview

Download Nimses 4.0.6 APK
Nimses is an economic and social ecosystem where virtual interactions are rewarded with real assets.
These assets take the form of a nim.

After signing up, each lived minute converts into a nim.
Meaning everyone has nims.
Users can use nims to post their own content, show appreciation of others’ content, create and develop their own communities or media.

In exchange for nims, users can also obtain tangible goods and services within Nimses inner marketplace — Nimses Goods.
A user who collects 683748 nims can get a dominim and take a Temple.

A Temple is a geographic district of Earth with a virtual Bank that gets daily donations from all of its inhabitants — the Citizens.
All the nims from a Temple Bank flow to its respective Master. Master is a paramount status of Nimses economy.
Transfer nims and dominims in three taps:

choose a Human you’d like to send nims to
indicate the amount
send to their account

Nims can help a regular person stand out.
Dominim can create a Master.

Someone’s power and fame are in your hands.

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