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Qibla Direction and Location is Tools Android app developed by Heidi Mobil Apps.  This app require Android 4.1+ or above. Qibla Direction and Location has a 1,000,000+ download on GooglePlay Store and have rating with 11071 number of vote. You can download Qibla Direction and Location and_9.0.5 APK with org.dtalpen.qibla.apk filename below. Qibla Direction and Location Latest Version Update in 2019-08-10
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Qibla Direction and Location – An Overview

Download Qibla Direction and Location and_9.0.5 APK by Heidi Mobil Apps
Qibla locator , Qiblah finder application. A simple android application to find qibla. Qibla direction can be found with different methods. Where is Qibla? Where is Makka? To which side should I turn to during Islamic Prayer? This app has answers for such questions.

1 Using google maps : In this method, you will see your location’s map. We will draw a line directly to makkah. So, this line is qibla. you can perform your prayer through this line . If you select your accurate location, this method will give you 100% accurate results. This method is ideal for everywhere in the world. It is very robust and correct. Android location services is required.

2 Using compass in your device : Qibla angle’s list is included for major cities in this app. Pick your current city from this list. This compass screen, will show you the angle of Qibla compass for this city. Keep your phone in a flat horizontal location. It is very important your phone is caliabrated and there is no magnetic region affecting your devices comprass. This method gives more precise results. but it is less reliable method than map, a bit risky. However, it may be preferred in situations that do not require internet. If your city is not in our list, then gps location services will be required. We try to calculate qibla angle precisely according to our algorithm.In our algortihm we measure also world deviaton, the world’s axial tilt. We get latest deviation calculation from NOAA National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) of US. In this situation, internet is required calculation. Outside of Europe Middle East Region (EMEA) internet is compulsory for correct compass calculation due to the deviation of our planet.

With this application you can determine the angle of Qibla can work all over the world.
You can use this application via GPS sensor anywhere in the World. Makkah and Kaaba finder.

Muslim prayers may use this compass app with their android phones and tablets. We are working hard to support all location. Using gps sensors, it is possible to calculate the correct qibla angle especially for Europe and Middle East, but outside of this places are recommended to use google maps algorithm or may use predefined city records.
Qibla direction improvements.
Qibla Direction and Location and_9.0.5 screenshots 2

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