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Revenge of Sultans is Strategy Android Aplication published by ONEMT.  This app require Android 4.2+ or above. Revenge of Sultans has a 1,000,000+ download on GooglePlay Store and have 8.9 rating with 50058 number of vote. You can download Revenge of Sultans 1.9.2 APK with and.onemt.war.en.apk filename below. Revenge of Sultans Latest Version Update in 2020-05-07
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Revenge of Sultans – An Overview

Download Revenge of Sultans 1.9.2 APK by ONEMT
Come and join players from around the world in this online real-time strategy game, and establish your own empire on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea!

As a Lord in our world, you will be required to face intense challenges and fight epic battles on behalf of your realm. Shoulder the hopes of your people and establish yourself as a mighty king, bringing peace and prosperity to the lands under your rule.

There will be a never-ending succession of rivals who covet the throne that is yours by right, and it’s up to you to exhaust the limits of your strategic ability and remain one step ahead. Collect resources, train troops, and defend your kingdom. Wars will arise, and you must use all your knowledge and skill to ensure that you emerge on the winning side, time and time again, until the whole world lies at your feet!

Explore the Rich Coastline of the Mediterranean Sea
Untold dangers lie in wait amongst the wild, virgin landscape. But for those who lust to travel, and have an army to fend off monsters, there is much to explore in the Relics of this new hinterland. Find boundless resources, or end up on a long and incredible adventure.

Overcome Your Problems With Strategy
You were chosen by the people to serve as king, but your enemies are resourceful and they will try to destroy your kingdom by any means possible. Can you keep up with the demands of your people? Or will a lack of resources cripple your economy? Remember, you can always ask your allies for help! Choose your allies with care, for they will be invaluable on your road to world domination!

Do Battle Shoulder to Shoulder With Your Friends
You will undoubtedly make many new friends on your long road to kingship, but be careful not to leave your old friends behind; invite them to play alongside you and conquer the world together! Share your victories and glory with your friends and forge a prosperous kingdom together!

User Support
My Lord, if you have any feedback then please send us a message at
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Terms of service:

What’s new:
1. New Lv.36 – 40 Monsters.
After the update, there’ll appear more high-level, powerful monsters waiting for you to challenge.

2. Adjustments:
a. Inferno difficulty in the Demon’s Valley decreased.
The Inferno difficulty in the Demon’s Valley will be decreased significantly. Sultans, draw your swords, and show everyone what you’ve got!
b. 3 dispatches participate in auto-slay.
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