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Ride Out Heroes is Action Android app published by .  This app require or above. Ride Out Heroes has a 1,000,000+ download on GooglePlay Store and have rating with 44573 number of vote. You can download Ride Out Heroes APK with com.netease.RideOutHeroes.apk filename below. Ride Out Heroes Latest Version Update in
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Ride Out Heroes – An Overview

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The first Multi-class Battle Royale Game for mobile. Choose heroes of different classes and skill sets. Summon mounts, team up to crush your enemies, and use magic abilities and epic weapons! Death is not the end as you revive as a baby dragon to seek your revenge!

1. [More and More New Heroes! Team Up! ]
Choose from Mage, Hunter, Engineer, Assassin and Warrior! Each class has a unique combination of weapons. Select any skills! Use any tactics! Stealth, dash, control or damage, etc., the choice is yours! A wide range of tactics and gameplay modes will give you an extraordinary gaming experience!

2. [Rule the Magical 3D World! Summon Mounts Whenever!]
Glide around a magical 3D world with beautiful views and breath-taking terrain. Tropical deserts overgrowing with cacti, palm trees and orcs. Beautiful green forests, brimming with humans. Cold, subalpine land covered in purple trees and elves! Enjoy an amazing visual experience!

3. [Revive as a Cute Dragon After Death!]
Hold out until you’re revived to transform into a dragon! Enjoy fun game modes like “”hide-and-seek””! Beware of stones and wood, as they might be your “”enemies”” in disguise!

4. [Pray in a Sanctuary to Get Epic Equipment!]
Equip new equipment you receive from prayers and forge legendary items. Build up your defenses in an all-new sandbox mode. Hundreds of tactics are at your disposal, with all-round freedom of play.

5. [Revive teammates at the Goddess Statue]
Reviving teammates is a miraculous thing! When a teammate is killed, pick up their Essence and escort it to a Goddess Statue within a certain time.

6. [Relics: Dominate the Battlefield!]
All kinds of Relics are hidden all over the map, waiting to be found! Enhancement, defense, regeneration, displacement… All kinds of great attributes that will help you become a Champion!

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1. New Content
*The strong bond of friendship unites us for life: The Bond system is now available.

*KO King: Climb to the top of your battles with the newly-released title “KO King.” In Ranked Match and Elite Stage, the player with the most KOs will temporarily be granted the title KO King.

2. Gameplay Improvements
*Auto Skydiving: Auto Skydiving feature is now available. When dropping off, pin a landing point on your mini-map to fly there automatically.
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