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Thumbnail Maker – Create Banners, Covers & Logos is Photography application published by Content Arcade Apps.  This app require Android 4.4+ or above. Thumbnail Maker – Create Banners, Covers & Logos has a 100,000+ download on GooglePlay Store and have 10.0 rating with 11135 number of vote. You can download Thumbnail Maker – Create Banners, Covers & Logos 9.6 APK with com.covermaker.thumbnail.maker.apk filename below. Thumbnail Maker – Create Banners, Covers & Logos Latest Version Update in 2019-08-10
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Thumbnail Maker – Create Banners, Covers & Logos – An Overview

Download Thumbnail Maker – Create Banners Covers Logos 9.6 APK by Content Arcade Apps
With this free thumbnails maker app you can quickly and easily create amazing thumbnails, banners and cover photos for multiple social media platforms. This awesome thumbnails & banner maker offers the best experience you can get with a design app.

Apart from thumbnails making your videos and social content appear more beautiful, it has been proven that thumbnails for yt videos helps your content attract more views and traffic.

On different platforms your videos and social content with attractive thumbnails receive a lot more views than those without thumbnails. Even on Search engines, videos with thumbnails receive about 50% more search traffic.

The reason is that thumbnails are usually the first things that people see when they search for information on search engines. The more attractive your video thumbnails and banners, the better. Worst case scenario is when you don’t have an attractive thumbnail attached to your videos and social media content.

Our creative thumbnail maker app is not just an app for creating channel arts for videos alone, it doubles as a creative tool for designing banners, cover photos, and social header images.

In other words, video Thumbnails Maker literally allows you to create diverse awesome thumbnails and banners for multiple platforms. Which means you won’t have to spend money on multiple prompt video thumbnails creator apps.

Switch back and forth between apps as you are able to get everything in one place in our video thumbnail maker and banner maker. To further explore how this thumbnail creator stands out, here are some key highlights of the awesome thumbnails editor app.

Video Thumbnails & Banner Maker Features:

– Ability to create awesome video thumbnails and covers
– Availability of a huge variety of free backgrounds in multiple graphics creator
categories and designs
– Ability to select preferred thumbnail dimensions
– Ability to add text and overlay for personalization
– Availability of tons of uniquely designed typography fonts & effects to create awesome thumbnails and banners that stand out
– Unbeatable design elements that let you add unique shapes and symbols
– Ability to enhance the visual appeal of your online video thumbnails
– Availability of stickers to buff up your awesome thumbnails
– User-friendly interface designed to support speed and convenience
– Ability to save your finished graphics work on your Android smartphone or tablet and publish it anywhere you want.

How to use prompt video thumbnails and banner maker?

– Download, install, and open the prompt video thumbnails and channel art maker app.
– Upload an image or select a background from the category of your choice. Or simply select blank canvas.
– You can also choose to use an image from your gallery.
– Choose your preferred thumbnails & banners dimensions/size
– Add text, overlay, or brand.
– Save and share your creative thumbnails.

With video thumbnails maker, there’s no need to hire a professional thumbnail or graphics banner designer. After all, time and money are a treasure in business. Go ahead and download the video thumbnails & banner maker app for free to start creating stunning thumbnails, cover photos for social media, and professional looking banners.
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