Download Virtual Beer simulator 2.5 APK by Just4Fun


Virtual Beer simulator is Entertainment app developed by Just4Fun.  This app require Android 4.0+ or above. Virtual Beer simulator has a 1,000,000+ download on Play Store and have 2.0 rating with 21618 number of vote. You can download Virtual Beer simulator 2.5 APK with com.apps4you.virtualbeer.apk filename below. Virtual Beer simulator Latest Version Update in 2019-09-22
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Virtual Beer simulator – An Overview

Download Virtual Beer simulator 2.5 APK by Just4Fun
Install entertainment application on your phone and pretend that you are drinking a real beer. Your phone will be changed into virtual glass, into which you will be able to pour your favorite alcohol. Realistic animation of foam and the effect of releasing bubbles will let you prank your friends easily. Move your phone from one side to the other and watch how a drink is moving in a glass. Advanced physics of fluids will let the drink move according to physics rules. Tilt your phone as if you were to drink a beer down and the golden booze will decrease and finally it will entirely disappear. Don’t worry! You can pour another glass of beer any time you want 😉

How to prank your friends:
Press button “Drink”. Stand sideways to your friends. Keep the phone in your palm with the screen directed to your friends. Put the phone against your mouth and slowly tilt the glass with beer up trying to drink the beer down. Virtual beer will decrease and the glass will become empty. Your friends will be impressed 😉

Main features of simulator:
– Realistic beer movement
– Very efficient foam animation
– You can drink beer anywhere you want and how much you want.

WearOS: this app is also available for WearOS devices. WearOS app is not a standalone app. To work correctly it needs phone app. Using WearOS app you can trigger a start beer pouring on your phone. Just press button on your smartwatch and beer will start pouring into virtual glass of your phone.
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Virtual Beer simulator 2.5 screenshots 2

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