Droid X Has Already Been Rooted


After just one week of its release, the Motorola Droid X has already been rooted. Looks like the fear of that all so scary eFuze hasn’t stopped the folks over at Alldroid from getting root access. I don’t really want to go too much into the advantages of having root access, but it does enable you to use those lovely “root only” applications in the Market such as certain backup solutions.

However, I do want to point out that having root access doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to flash custom ROMS but I’m sure there’s intelligent people out there trying to get that to happen and of course we at Hemorrdroids will let you know when that happens. I just hope all that is figured out before (if it ever does) it comes out in the UK.

The instructions and downloads can be found through the link below and this rooting method does require that you have some knowledge of using command prompt/terminal. You will also need to have ADB setup so this is a bit more more complicated than the one click methods out there. So if you’re brave enough hit the following link:

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