Fifa 10 Available For Android


iPhone users have had the chance to play the Fifa football game for some time now, and now so do we Android users. Unless you’v been living in a cave for the past few weeks, you’l know that it’s Word Cup time and many of us have been stuck to our sofas with our eyes glued to the TV.

The game is available now in the Android Market for £5.50 and it runs pretty well on the HTC Desire although there are a few problems.

The graphics are really good for a mobile phone game but you won’t be blown away, as it’s very hard to find much differentiation between each footballer in the game.

The on screen controls work OK but my HTC Desire found it difficult to register the second input on the screen at times. This is most likely due to the screen’s HTC have been using and it shouldn’t be a problem for users of Motorola, Samsung and other Android phones.

You can play using real teams and players from all over the world and start a tournament of your own! Anyone who’s played Fifa 10 on the consoles will feel a lot more at home with the menu’s and will find that they can change formations and so on. You can download the APK MOD on

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