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beanfun! is Entertainment application published by Gamania Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd..  This app require Android 5.0+ or above. beanfun! has a 500,000+ download on GooglePlay Store and have rating with 16437 number of vote. You can download beanfun! 1.9.37 APK with com.gamania.beanfun.apk filename below. beanfun! Latest Version Update in 2019-10-04
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beanfun! – An Overview

Free Download beanfun 1.9.37 APK by Gamania Digital Entertainment Co. Ltd.











● 一對一、群組聊天,邂逅您相同興趣的好朋友

● 即時語音,聊天超方便!


● 紅利館:在遊戲中消費即可獲得零用金轉蛋,零用金等同現金,可於橘子支付各通路直接使用。

● 樂豆任務:獨家活動任務送您最愛的遊戲虛寶或零用金。

● QR Code便利登:給予您的遊戲帳號企業級防護,防盜安全有保障。(遊戲專屬功能)。

● 簽到簿:簽到好禮獎不完,每檔簽到簿都提供您多元的獎品,更有機會獲得稀有虛寶或高額獎金。


● 客服留言板:beanfun!小幫手 > 發話 > 問題回報
Shopping, video, exchange, games, life size things once!

Make friends chat, share life, let you make more friends with the same interests, and download the experience now.


The latest features of beanfun!:

● Endless petty cash

Join beanfun! and get a lot of extra money by participating in various activities.

● The most abundant bean chat

The most popular, exciting and interesting topics to talk to.

●Explore your notice board

Easily create exclusive spaces to connect with your fans and strengthen your relationships.


With beanfun! you can use:

[Free messaging, call]

● One-on-one, group chat, 好 your friends with the same interests

● Instant voice, chat is super convenient!


[game service]

● Bonus Hall: In the game, you can get the petty cash to the egg, the petty cash is equivalent to cash, you can use the orange to pay for each channel.

● Le Dou Quest: Exclusive event to send your favorite game virtual treasure or petty cash.

● QR Code Convenience: Give your game account enterprise-level protection, anti-theft security. (Game exclusive features).

● Check-in book: The sign-in gift is not complete, each sign-in book provides you with multiple prizes, and you have the opportunity to get rare virtual treasures or high bonuses.

If you encounter any problems, please help you to report the following actions.

● Customer Service Message Board: beanfun! Little Helper > Speech > Problem Report
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