Free Download iAugmentor 2.1.407 APK by iAugmentor Labs


iAugmentor is Education application developed by iAugmentor Labs.  This app require Android 4.4+ or above. iAugmentor has a 5,000+ download on GooglePlay Store and have rating with 170 number of vote. You can download iAugmentor 2.1.407 APK with filename below. iAugmentor Latest Version Update in 2020-09-29
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iAugmentor – An Overview

Free Download iAugmentor 2.1.407 APK by iAugmentor Labs
iAugmentor is an AI-driven, assessment and learning platform. It creates a real-time, personalized, on-the-go learning roadmap for learners.

Using fun and interactive learning techniques powered by Gamification, Chatbots, and Simulations, iAugmentor App makes learning come alive. The entire program is developed through collaborative research by a globally diverse set of educationists, psychologists, corporate leaders and life skills experts.

You will be able to

– Embark on a personalized learning Trajectory through Continuous Assessments
– Self-assess your own learning for different competencies, and also get peer reviews
– Use real-life mock Simulations for practicing
– Learn by playing, competing, collaborating, and watching
– Enhance workplace behaviors that lead to enhanced careers
– Get quantified measurement of gains in competency enhancement in real-time
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iAugmentor 2.1.407 screenshots 2

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