Free Download Melka Kidusan መልክዐ ቅዱሳን 4.0.2 APK


Melka Kidusan መልክዐ ቅዱሳን is Books & Reference app developed by Getahun Amare.  This app require Android 4.0+ or above. Melka Kidusan መልክዐ ቅዱሳን has a 5,000+ download on Play Store and have rating with 9 number of vote. You can download Melka Kidusan መልክዐ ቅዱሳን 4.0.2 APK with org.goranda.melkakidusanlite.apk filename below. Melka Kidusan መልክዐ ቅዱሳን Latest Version Update in 2019-05-11
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Melka Kidusan መልክዐ ቅዱሳን – An Overview

Free Download Melka Kidusan 4.0.2 APK
• Material Design color schemes.
• Setting for Night mode and Day Mode

Multiple book collections
• Add two or more translations to the app.
• Multiple books of Ethiopian prayers

• User can configure the choice of translation and layout within the app.
• Allow swiping between books
• Book names could be displayed as list or grid views
• Supports single pane view, two pane view, and line by line view of up to three translations in a single pane.
• Turn on audio toolbar automatically when viewing Audio books

Fonts and Font Sizes
• You can change fonts sizes from toolbar or navigation menu.
• The app uses true type fonts for main view. you can include your own fonts too.

Text Copy and Share
• To copy a text to the device clipboard, tap on the text to select it. Then select the Copy button from the text selection toolbar.
• To share a text with someone else, tap on text to select it. You can choose to share by text message, email, WhatsApp, etc.

• Book contents are rearranged and missing parts included
• Colorful texts for the name of God, Jesus, St. Mary and Saints
• Notices and Orders in the book are written in italic for emphasis

Interface translations
• Added interface translations in English, Amharic and Afaan Oromoo.
• Changing the app Interface language will change menu item’s name.

Audio and Text Synchronization (future pro update)
• The phrases being read are highlighted and synchronized with the audio being heard.
• Added new user setting ‘Highlight synchronized phrases’ to allow user to turn on/off the yellow highlighting when the audio is playing.

• Powerful and fast search features
• Search the whole words and accents
• Number of search results displayed at the bottom of the page

Settings screen
• Allow the user of the app to configure the following settings:
• Book selection type: list or grid
• Red Letters: show the name of saints in red
• Show Verse numbers
• Text layout: Verses in paragraphs or One text per line.

Share App
• Added optional ‘Share App’ item in the app menu.
• Gives the app user the choice of:
• Sharing a link to the app on Google Play, or
• Sending the APK file to another phone via Bluetooth, Wifi transfer, email, etc.
Melka Kidusan መልክዐ ቅዱሳን 4.0.2 screenshots 2

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