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Midifun Karaoke is Music & Audio application developed by Puasoft.  This app require Android 2.3.4+ or above. Midifun Karaoke has a 1,000,000+ download on GooglePlay Store and have 10.0 rating with 33776 number of vote. You can download Midifun Karaoke 8.24 APK with com.midifun.apk filename below. Midifun Karaoke Latest Version Update in 2019-07-12
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Midifun Karaoke – An Overview

Free Download Midifun Karaoke 8.24 APK
Midifun is your offline karaoke for Android.

Unlike other Karaoke apps, you already get hundreds of songs when you download and install Midifun.

Midifun is a multimedia application; a collection of MIDIs with lyrics that you can sing-along to.

This app is a guessing game too. You guess the song based on the lyrics displayed or being played. Given with four song choices, get a score for every correct answer. Answer fast to get bonus scores and beat the high score in no time.

MIDI – an acronym for Musical Instrument Digital Interface

1. Is Midifun compatible with Bluetooth microphones?
Yes, it works with Bluetooth mics. 🙂

2. Is Midifun also compatible with Bluetooth headsets?
Yep, Midifun is tested to play on Bluetooth headsets. 🙂

3. How to adjust the font size?
On your Android device, select Settings > Display > Font.

More info:
You can request for specific/additional songs but please be kind when doing so.
I work full time and is finding time to add features and add more songs to this free app.

Trivia: Requesting specific songs get noticed more compared to when you just give the artist name. 🙂

Note when recording: If the Android device’s microphone is too far from the speaker, the playing music may not be heard on the output. As expected, the music will also not be heard when you use headphones while recording.

Your rate for Midifun means a lot… thanks.
1. Improved quality of recorded audio

2. Fixed ‘Music not playing’ errors.

3. Added 600 Spanish audios.

4. Reduced installer size by 12mb.

5. Expanded audio library to 65K. Yup, sixy-five-thousand downloadable songs. 🙂

Have fun…
Midifun Karaoke 8.24 screenshots 2

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