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oBike-Stationless Bike Sharing – An Overview

Free Download oBike-Stationless Bike Sharing APK
oBike, No.1 Global Bicycle Sharing Platform, offers commuters an accessible, convenient and eco-friendly alternative mode of transport. It is the first homegrown smart stationless bike- sharing platform, originally from Singapore and is available 24/7.

Its latest smart Bluetooth technology improves the location accuracy of its bicycles, enabling users to easily identify the nearest oBike. Scan the QR code via the oBike app and cycle your way to better fitness! To return the bike, simply park it at any designated public bike-parking areas. It’s as easy as that!

Here’s what oBike can do: 


Sign up with your phone number and allow the app to use your location so that you can find the nearest oBike on the map.


In a hurry? Click on the bike icon to reserve it. Your oBike will be reserved for you for 10 mins.


Unlock the bike by scanning the QR code via the oBike app or by entering the bike ID which can be found on the bike.


Payment can be made via Credit Cards and debit card. More payment options will be available later.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, do email us via

oBike strives to protect your privacy because we value that more than anything else.
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