Free Download Ruangguru – One-stop Learning Solution 4.0.7 APK


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Ruangguru – One-stop Learning Solution – An Overview

Free Download Ruangguru – One-stop Learning Solution 4.0.7 APK
Ruangguru is your one-stop learning solution app!

Download the Ruangguru app now and Make Learning Extraordinary!


Make Learning Extraordinary with Ruangguru!

ruangbelajar provides study materials to help you better understand what you learned in school by completing learning journeys with our Master Teachers.

1) Watch thousands of learning videos for SD, SMP, SMA including materials to prepare you for the UN, SBMPTN, and STAN Examination. You may also download videos to save your mobile data quota.

2) Test what you’ve learned! Take thousands of practice quizzes and exercises with different levels of difficulty (including HOTS) to ensure you are ready to for your exam

3) Download and save visual aid summaries to help you review important materials and formulas

4) Share and compare study notes with your friends! This feature is especially useful on days where you missed some note in class

Yes, you have a lot of group chat! But only in digitalbootcamp you can feel the excitement of online tuition with study group chat run by the best tutors to make your learning extraordinary)

Stuck on a homework question? Want to know the best solution to all your academic dilemmas, like which learning methods are best for you and choosing majors? Feeling unsure the day before your big exam? Worry not – our highly qualified teachers and consultants are ready to answer all of your questions! Just snap a picture of your question and you will be connected with a teacher via chat under 3 minutes. Yes – it’s that easy.

With ruanguji, you can take a number of online mock exams, including UTS, UAS, UN, SBMPTN, STAN, etc. Not only will you receive a prediction grade and a complete discussion of questions, you will also receive a personal analysis of your results, including a breakdown of your time management and your understanding of the questions.

Enhance your ability to be an expert in any field! Book teachers to help make you great, wherever you are, whatever you want to learn – only in ruangles.

Daily Challenge
Win phone credit every day by answering a set of question and be the best in your grade!
Limited Storage, Don’t Worry!
Ruangguru is here to help you study for the upcoming mid-term examination season. Do you want to download videos but your storage is getting limited? Don’t worry, you can now select your storage location to your smartphone’s SD card. Studying with Ruangguru just got easier! Download your videos and study anytime, anywhere. UPDATE your app right now!
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