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UTM Geo Map is Maps & Navigation Android Aplication published by Y2 Tech.  This app require Android 4.1+ or above. UTM Geo Map has a 500,000+ download on GooglePlay Store and have rating with 3922 number of vote. You can download UTM Geo Map 2.1.3 APK with info.yogantara.utmgeomap.apk filename below. UTM Geo Map Latest Version Update in 2019-08-10
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UTM Geo Map – An Overview

Free Download UTM Geo Map 2.1.3 APK by Y2 Tech
Complete, simple, easy to use & free application for Land Surveying, Topography, Bathymetry & GIS. Suitable for Geodesy Engineering, Civil Engineering, Geology and other disciplines related to maps, coordinates, location, address and spatial analysis. Can be used as a tool in determining position, coordinates, location & address, area & distance measurement, simple spatial analysis such as Overlay, Buffering, TIN (Triangulated Irregular Network) / Delaunay Triangulation, Voronoi Diagram, Convex Hull, Smoothing etc.

*The process of getting coordinates from an address or vice versa (getting an address from coordinate data) or Geocoding for some devices requires to Buy Premium Geocoding.

Map Coordinates: Can be used to obtain Latitude Longitude, UTM, MGRS (WGS84) & other CRS (using EPSG codes) in real time, register points complete with coordinate data, time taken, notes/labels, elevation (premium), addresses, photos etc. This module can also display TIN, Voronoi Diagrams and Buffers in realtime from existing points.

Offline GPS: Used to get coordinates in an offline state (without internet access), your cellphone will function like a Handheld GPS to get Latitude Longitude coordinates, UTM, MGRS, Elevation (ellipsoid), MSL Elevation (EGM96), accuracy, satellite and other useful information. Coordinates data can be stored in an unlimited number inside your databases, given notes / labels, photos or exported into CSV, KML, DXF & GPX formats.

Coord. Converter: To convert coordinates manually from Latitude Longitude to UTM & MGRS and vice versa. It can also be used to convert addresses to coordinates (Geocoding, requires an internet connection). Some conversion is support for batch conversion.

Area/Distance: Used to measure distance and area (support units: m, km, ft, miles, hectare, acre), register lines / polygons, make polygons automatically from measure points, create buffers from lines / polygons, overlay etc.. Line / polygon data can be stored in unlimited number inside your database, displayed on a map, added photos and labels or exported to CSV, KML or DXF format. Equipped with spatial editing algorithms such as Snap Nearest, Delete Object Inside / Outside Polygon, Smoothing (cubic bezier interpolation), Split Polygon By Line, and so on. Can read CSV & KML formats to import or display as reference files.

Marker Map: Similar to the Map Coordinates module but with more complete & complex geometry calculation such as displaying Dynamic / Variable Buffers. In this module geometric analysis such as TIN & Voronoi Diagrams can be made from a combination of point data (markers) as well as lines and polygons (breakline). These geometries can also be exported to KML or DXF files for use on other devices or PC.

Compass Map: A module with a map and compass, can be used to assist in navigating or measuring the azimuth angle and determining distance & direction. Equipped with Magnetic Declination data which can be directly corrected to the compass direction.

Overlay: Used to specifically perform overlay operations with several options including Union, Intersection, Difference and SymDifference.

Buffering: Used to specifically perform Buffering operations (creating buffer map) from point, line and polygon data obtained from measurements using other modules.

Elevation Profile: Used to create simple elevation profiles (cross section / long section) from height data with metric & ft / mile units. This module can also create elevation profiles from multiple points including elevation profile from route (premium).

Some other modules: Manage Data, Export File, Buy Premium and Trace KML.

Quick guide (pdf):


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(Ver 2.1.3)
Fixing wrong buffer geometry in areas that far from the equator and close to the poles.
UTM Geo Map 2.1.3 screenshots 2

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