FroYo Available now is just a Release Candidate


We reported a few days back that FroYo was apon us. This turns out to be only half true, while it is FroYo, it’s not the official release. It has been confirmed we’re playing around with a Release Candidate which may well be changed before the official 2.2 OS is launched.

Just wanted to give a heads up that the build floating around is not the official Froyo release. You will get an automatic notification when we OTA the build, no need to manually download it. You will still get the automatic notification if the official release is a newer version than the one you have, so don’t sweat…but I’d highly recommend waiting for our official release

@Bhushan4181: You will get the OTA update as long as you are connected to the internet and can communicate with Google servers.

We are striving hard to OTA the build to you ASAP, thanks for your patience!


It would make some sense, there seem to be a few things not working too well, so maybe the final release will answer some questions about Apps2SD and other things.

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