Galaxy S Hints Tips


Here are a few tips that work on the Samsung Galaxy S that you might not have been aware of. Some of them might be general tips, others will only work on the SGS. Read on for details…

  • Press the top of the screen, so the notification bar appears, but don’t pull down. Slide your thumb to the left or the right to lower or raise the brightness. This wont work if your set to automatic brightness.
  • Have the title and artist announced by the built in Music Player by holding down the volume up button.
  • When watching a video, or in the camera app, press the power button to lock the device while leaving the screen playing. Press power once more to unlock.
  • When in contacts, slide the contact name to the left to send a message or to the right to start dialing them.
  • Hold menu for a second to bring up a quick search box. (Because the SGS has no search button)
  • When using your Camera, use your volume up and down keys to zoom in and out.

Hopefully you’ll find these useful. Let us know in the comments if you have a tip you think no-one else will know!

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