Galaxy Tab Out in the Wild Again


This is starting to get a bit funny now as more and more of the Tab’s details/pictures come out, at this rate we will know everything before the official announcement.

The pictures surfaced online through an unofficial channel, however this time around showing a CDMA sticker.

It would seem that as there is a CDMA sticker on the above device, so it must be another variant of the Galaxy Tab. Interestingly I have actually seen pictures before of a different design, see below.

If you looked at the above picture you will notice that the Galaxy Tab shown features 3 buttons at the bottom, which is clearly different from the 4 button variant. Because of this it would be safe to presume that users in the US will be getting the 4 button device and European users will be getting the 3 button device. If this happens to be true, it would be a shame as the 4 button device looks a lot slicker but I guess everyone has different tastes.

An iAndroidforum user who supposedly took the pictures praised the device saying that it had strong speakers, good call quality and ability to run Flash. The fact that it can run Flash isn’t a big surprise as we all know the Tab will ship with Android 2.2 which is required to run Flash Player 10.1.

On the negative side the user noted that the GPS was a bit slow, no surprise there either, well, at least slow is better than what some users are experiencing on their Galaxy S.

Let us know what you think.

Via: Engadget

Source: iAndroid

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