Gingerbread Android 30 Coming in October


At this point, this one should be classed as just a rumor, but a chappie called Eldar Murtazin from did a piece on a Russian Podcast about Android 3.0 and what we can expect.

The good news is, it might be with us as early as October, the bad news is, it wont be available for just any old device…

Your phone must have at least a 1ghz CPU (sorry Milestone users) a minimum of 512meg of RAM and a display no smaller than 3½”.

If you meet these requirements you’ll be able to enjoy the new improved UI system that Google hopes will remove the need for 3rd parties to add their own such as Sense UI and Motorblur. Whether or not companies will then ditch their own interface is a totally different matter. I guess Google are fed up of hearing about this OS fragmentation that isn’t really their fault. If 3rd parties don’t need to rebuild their overlays to work on new Android versions, they will get updates much quicker.

The other noticeable addition is support for devices to run resolutions up to 1280 by 760, which is obviously in preparation for tablets that will be using Android as their Operating System.

At this point, there’s nothing more to the rumor, but if it’s only 3½ months away, I’m sure there’ll be more details soon and you can rest assured we’ll tell you about it!

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