Honeycomb Demonstrated On An Early Motorola Prototype Tablet


Google’s Andy Rubin shows off a Tegra 2 (The new Nvidia Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU) Motorola tablet prototype running Android 3.0 aka Honeycomb and he also shows off the all new Google Maps which should be hitting Android phones “soon”.

Andy Rubin also demonstrates the GMail application on the Android Tablet clearly proving the fact that Honeycomb is optimised for Android Tablets. Andy Rubin mentions that Honeycomb uses:

“new APIs that… allow an application to split its functionality to multiple views. Apps will know when they’re on a tablet,”

He then goes on to demonstrate the GMail application as an example, the application shows a two-pane view, which is very similar to the Gmail application display on the iPad.

A lot of people criticised Samsung for releasing the the Galaxy Tab with a version of Android that isn’t optimised for tablets, thus in certain peoples eyes the Tab is inferior to the likes of the iPad, but now with the demonstration of Honeycomb running on the early Motorola prototype tablet, it seems all is soon about to change.

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