Honeycomb ROM For The NOOKcolour Released


OK, lets get things straight, it’s obviously not an official release for the Nook, and I’m not so sure if there is going to be one but that isn’t stopping the super brainy geniuses at the xda-developers from trying to get Honeycomb running on a NOOkcolour (the Barnes & Noble ereader tablet). It’s simply amazing how they’ve managed to get the whole thing working just based on the honeycomb emulator images.

Check out the video walk-through after the break.

If you have a NOOKcolour you can also try it out by heading on over to the xda-developers forum, at the moment the Sound and DSP isn’t working, however many things are, like:

  • Graphics acceleration
  • Accelerometer
  • Wireless
  • Touch-screen
  • Buttons
  • Sleep/Wakeup

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